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what bhearsum did to get a bunch of tegras online

I attacked the pool of broken/dead Tegras this week, and with a lot of guidance from Callek, managed to get a bunch of them back online. The Tegra wiki page ( isn't very helpful in terms of mapping "state it's in" -> "action i need to take", so I wanted to let you all know the simple steps I took:

  1. Look for Tegras with alerts on
  2. Find the Tegra on
  3. Click the "tegra-xxx" link to find the Tegra's Buildbot page
  4. If the Tegra is offline, try to PDU reboot it (
  5. If the Tegra isn't online 30min later, open its bug and block it against the "tegra-recovery" bug. You may need to file one or both of these.
  6. If that doesn't work, talk to Callek ;).

And that's it! More than half the Tegras I touched came back online either through the PDU reboot or IT recovery. I implore you all to keep on top of Tegras when you're on buildduty - it's not as hard as it seems.