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Just back from the semi-annual pilgrimage to find a better IMAP mail client than Mozilla Suite, which was starting to throw increasingly worrisome errors against the progressive OSX updates.

Poorer by a significant sum of Swiss Francs and a great many more hours wasted, I backed out of PowerMail and dropped SeaMonkey into the PowerBook G4. Delighted to find all the significant problems with OSX gone, and a very large number of IMAP folders still synced and kept so in a small fraction of the time PowerMail required to just open them. PowerMail's subset of IMAP4 cannot even DO offline folders, let alone sync them. Nor - settings for such notwithstanding - connect to more than one account automatically when invoked. Nor filter anything but POP-drops, either.

I don't really often get to see how good the SeaMonkey browser is, because I keep it so tightly locked down for 'related' email security that I must use separate browsers (ordinarily two others 'online' and two more on the dock - all with different security settings).

ISTR there was a means of running two independent instances of Mozilla by setting up separate init/configs, so will try that when I get a round tuit.

Code size quite aside, I *do* know that Firefox (used daily) is NOT a match for even very old Mozilla revs, so cannot be a match for SeaMonkey. Likewise Thunderbird is not even close to matching Mozilla Suite / SeaMonkey as a mailer. Too many important settings are either hidden, or not available at all.

Guess I am back to stay, but since I only code C at gunpoint and java not *even* at gunpoint, will have to find some other way to further the project.

For sure it is worth 'furthering'!

Bill Hacker

I like SeaMonkey best for browsing

Well I've been using Composer for making web pages and have SeaMonkey as default browser on my system.

I have persisted with Firefox from its earliest versions, and prior to that used Mozilla, but recently have changed to SeaMonkey and it is better and faster.

It lacks some of the convenience regarding menu access to clearing cache and cookies but overall I find it the best for browsing (have tried Opera as well), it renders pages faster and is less "buggy".