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I entirely agree. The way that popup box looks currently, I thought that it was some form of spyware. I certainly didn't feel comfortable entering my master password, not even once I had read this page.

I think when this is changed it should probably go up the top of the page, much like the new prompt for saving the password does. Just an idea.

I would feel more comfortable with not using a master password if it wasn't so easy to get access to the passwords that firefox stores. Why even provide a "show passwords" button? Why not loosely encypher/obfuscate the passwords somewhere, so that at least an average person couldn't come and view the passwords when I am away from my computer. It could be as simple as encrypting them against a random key, which is stored somewhere different to the passwords.

I know that "poor security" amounts to "no security", but surely making it take a little longer or making it a little harder is better than a button, followed by an "Are you sure?" prompt (sorry, off topic).

Briswolf 00:54, 28 July 2008 (UTC)

Strongly agree

I've 20 years in I.T. and I had no idea what Firefox was asking me for. "Device"? A "device" is a physical gadget, not a piece of software. Do not use this word in the dialog. "Please enter the master password" or something similar would be much less concerning to users. I too thought my Firefox had been infected with malware when I first saw this dialog box.

Additional remark (important)

The window should have something unique, which makes it different from the typical javascript pop-ups. The reason is that this looks like something that could be faked easily by a site to obtain your master password.