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company update

Ludo Wrote: Who is allowed to do it ? What kind of thing should we rule-in rule-out ? (I think I know but in case I'm mistaking it would be nice to have a thumb rule)

Roland's Response: I put in a statement saying only staff plus put in a few exmples that can serve as rules of thumb for now

New Bug Workflow

Can you define GS folks ? how are they supposed to be notified ? are we assuming that the bug reporter will do that, or do we want to automate that ? --Tsk

  • I would like to automate it but until then manually add a reply to the GS topic with the results of the bug triage --Roland

Marking topics as "answered"

It is unclear to me at which point a topic should be considered answered or solved. What is "80%" in this regard, by which metric? I have seen it frequently that a response is posted and then the topic marked immediately as answered without waiting for a response that the reporter considered it solved. This doesn't look good even if the guessed solution happens to be the right guess. --Rsx11m 22:27, 5 July 2010 (UTC)

  • this is a great point rsx11m but most of the time, when you give a solution, most of the the time, unlike in bugzilla, the original reporter doesn't respond to say it did or didn't work. And in my experience most of the time, the solution is right. If you mark something as answered or solved, and it doesn't solve the problem then by all means set it back to Problem/Acknowledged or Problem/In Progress or Question/no status. Unfortunately in Get Satisfaction, most of the time the people disputing the resolution are not the original reporter and they have a slightly different problem which requires a different solution. In that case, please ask them to start a new topic and leave the original topic solved. --Roland

Use of emoticons in responses

Users having a problem and trying to get a solution are usually frustrated, thus - as a responder - I'd only use the "happy" symbol if the reporter got a satisfactory response. Doing so without being certain that the response actually helped could be considered provocative or disregarding the user. --Rsx11m 22:27, 5 July 2010 (UTC)

  • are you talking about me :-) ? I am the only one as far as I know who is always happy. I am happy to try and help which is why I set it to be happy. I am not overconfident or sarcastic just happy to help. I guess this points to the crudity of emoticons. I take your point then and will add some text e.g. "happy to try and help" to the emoticons rather than just setting it to be the happy emoticon. -- Roland
    • Just coincidence ;-) well, imagine that you've spent a couple of hours trying to figure out a problem with TB, finally posted a really :-( question on GS, then get what may or may not be / possibly perceived as a boiler-plate response matching the symptoms described, see that "the company has marked the problem as solved" accompanied with the :-) face, how serious would you feel you have been taken with your problem? Nevertheless, the :-| for "confused" when the question or problem isn't clearly described or a "silly" :-p when the reporter makes some ridiculous statements are probably ok to put some emphasis on the reply. --Rsx11m 02:13, 6 July 2010 (UTC)