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Lots of these entries are in the format "Opens a dialog window to do X" or "Opens a window which allows you to do Y". Wouldn't it be better and more straightforward simply to say 'Does X' or 'Does Y'?

For instance, the entry for 'New Address Book Card…' says, Opens a dialog window for creating a new contact in the Address Book. Wouldn't it be better simply as, Creates a new contact in the Address Book?

I do see why it's the way it is. Strictly speaking, the 'New Address Book Card' menu item doesn't create the card itself - it provides a dialog box for the user to do so. Fair enough. But in the interests of concise and straightforward help, wouldn't it make more sense to dispense with the technicality? After all, the end user doesn't care what UI mechanism (dialog box, window, whatever) is used. (S)he simply wants to know what job the command does.

~Toby 05:15, 8 Feb 2006 (PST)

Is opening an email with print-preview vulnerable to virusses?

I have mail preview switched off because of the vulnerability for viruses. When I look at an email with print-preview I can see its content, but can it execute a virus? The email isn't even marked as "read". Maybe a mail-preview using print-preview would be better?

Menu Reference for message composition?

This page is great; I'm looking for the same "menu reference" for the message composition window. Specifically, I'm looking for help on "Insert > Link".

Thanks for working on the documentation!
--Jcarroll 16:46, 9 July 2008 (PDT)