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Organizing your email was supposed to cover creating folder hierarchies for categorizing email, moving email between folders, adding labels/the equivalent to email for use by virtual folders, linking to virtual folders, etc. I've forgotten more of what I was thinking about in the interim, but this is a possibility that should be considered. It's possible that this may still be too nebulous, but it should be considered regardless of the fact that I defined it poorly initially. ;-) --Waldo 00:09, 20 Dec 2004 (PST)

Well, thats exactly what I think is missing, something like "organizing you mail" or "organizing schema/data"

maybe it should not fall in line with other topics but rather get a separate (tree) for it should look more like a tutorial. Something like: -Getting started ...concepts ...setup ...etc -Organizing mail -Examples of organizing mail ... I'm always thinking that is good to have some procedures described, taking the user in a trip from start to end in a realistic set of action. This would be more appropriate as an answer to an user's needs than a "dictionary" of elements.

I say this having in mind the newbies or less computer literate ones, which are most likely to be confused by lots of settings and tricks if not given a vision. Also having this "big picture" and correct view of the concepts and basic features eliminates the basic mistakes, trivial confusions, wrong usage of certain elements and, thus, get a better user experience and satisfaction and less need for help on interactive support (forums, news etc)

This does not eliminate (or minimize) the need for a complete and solid help, but rather should be built on it, even if redundant. This may lead to separating into 2 sections, the help an the guide..

ov 08:56, 1 February 2008 (PST)