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When it is said: "[Line 9-30] a "entry_points" field specifies supported layouts."

Maybe it's not "entry_points", maybe it is referring to the "inputs" field.

Proposed API (July 17 WIP)

mozInputMethod API to Keyboard Apps

partial interface Navigator {
    readonly attribute nsIDOMInputMethod mozInputMethod;
interface nsIDOMInputMethod: nsIDOMEventTarget {
    // Input Method Manager contain a few global methods expose to apps
    readonly attribute nsIDOMInputMethodManager mgmt;

    // An "input context" is mapped to a text field that the app is allow to mutate.
    // this attribute should be null when there is no text field currently focused.
    attribute nsIDOMInputContext|null inputcontext;

    // Fired when the input context changes, include changes from and to null.
    attribute nsIDOMEventListener oninputcontextchange;
interface nsIDOMInputMethodManager {
   // Ask the OS to switch away from the current active Keyboard app.
   // OS should ignore this request if we are currently not the active one.
   void next();

   // Ask the OS to show a list of available IMEs for users to switch from.
   // OS should ignore this request if we are currently not the active one.
   void showAll();
interface nsIDOMInputContext {
   // an "input context" gets void when the app is no longer allowed to interact with the text field,
   // e.g., the text field is no longer exists, the app is being switched to background, etc.

   // All the properties and methods necessary to work with a specific text field should be here.

mozChromeEvents to System apps

Here are some signals necessary to Keyboard Manager in System app in order for it to do minimal interaction with keyboard app and text field.

  • inputmethod-contextchange: should also expose the nsIDOMInputContext object here
  • inputmethod-next
  • inputmethod-showall

mozbrowser API extension

  • setInputMethodActive(boolean): Depend on what we want, we might not want to re-use setVisible() to block/unblock a background/foreground keyboard app to interact with the text fields.