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Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read the whitepaper and add some comments. :-)

First, please hit 'Edit' in the black bar at the top of the page. Then use the sections below to add your feedback on the draft Webmaker whitepaper. It would be helpful if you added three tildes (~) after each comment so we can follow-up if necessary.


These things are awesome:


These things are confusing, or I have questions:

  • wondering if there is a place to link to examples of how Webmaker has been incorporated into local infrastructure like school curriculum, youth programs, etc. I love the Webmaker Profiles and wonder if it can be incorporated in a similar way. Juliavallera (talk)


These things need some work:

  • The Learning network part (such as HIVE) in the community section could be explained more clearly.
  • Include link to HIVE resources in the bibliography. The Mozilla community are working on a HiveCookbook, not ready yet but soon.
  • Annotated bibliography (Chris Lawrence)