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Taskcluster is a generic task execution service. This page documents mostly administrative things such as who owns which components and when the team meets.

For detailed documentation on the API's and capabilities please see docs.taskcluster.net.

Find us on #taskcluster on mozilla IRC.



A good place to get started working on TaskCluster is the Codetribute list of mentored bugs. If you are interested in working on a bug, you can find us in #taskcluster on irc to discuss, or just add a comment to the bug.

Getting Updates

Mailing Lists


  • Taskcluster-RFCs - If you have a cool idea for Taskcluster, or are looking for a longer-term project to get involved in, check the Round Tuit Box. These projects are *not* good for beginners, and will require a lot of time, learning about TaskCluster, design, problem-solving, and working with other Mozillians. If you're thinking "that sounds a lot like an internship", then you've understood correctly!
  • Participation - The details of our approach to welcoming new participants in the project and supporting long-term participants.
  • Components - A (partial) list of TaskCluster's component services.
  • Availability - Who from the TaskCluster team is around right now?
  • Operations - Documentation for various common service requests or playbooks for reacting to failures.