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TaskCluster hosts a social meeting called "Reading By Moonlight". It's a chance to meet and see others working on the project, and put a face and personality to the irc nickname or Bugzilla commenter. Anyone is welcome!


We use Vidyo for this meeting. You can access the room at this link, or (for those with access) join the "TaskCluster Platform" room.

If you are using the link, note that you will need to download a client, so plan to join a few minutes early your first time. You can get some help joining in the #tc-contributors channel on the Mozilla IRC network.


Any topic is fair game - it's a social gathering, after all. But to break the ice, we pick a short item for every meeting, and we can start off discussing it. These are usually short blog posts, neat Github repositories, or the like, and should be something short enough to skim while joining the meeting. Suggestions are welcome -- just add them to the list below!

Important: if you haven't read the topic, or have questions about it, come on in anyway! The topics are just to get conversation started, and anyway there are so many that nobody will understand all of them.

Next Meetings

Note that the times below are in UTC, which Google Calendar calls "Reykjavik". If you add to your google calendar, the events will appear in your own timezone!

(use reading-by-moonlight.py to generate)

Topic Ideas

Some technical tidbit? A post about Mozilla's mission? A cool Github repo?

  • ... add yours here!