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"Taskfox" is a codename. Don't expect Firefox to ship using this name. This page is a list of suggested names, thoughts on names, and general terminology. Feel free to add to it.

  1. Do not remind novice users of the hell that was DOS.
    This includes the use of “command line interface” and all buzzwords such as mashup, dashboard, and even hotkey.
  2. Do not give the impression of a natural language parser, otherwise users go overboard or send mean vibes.
    All current successful natural language AI’s bring with them a set of expectations that users respect. For example, people have been trained to carefully enunciate with telephone systems (Apple’s support line is great one). Video games and telephone systems also structure the interaction in a multiple choice format to restrict the universe of possibilities that users will throw at it.
  3. Give clear clues as to what Ubiquity is useful for and leave an impression that it’s of easy to use.
  4. Avoid broad names for specific features
  5. Make sure the name works well in a short sentence describing the feature. Examples:
    • "spotlight helps you find things on your computer"
    • "automator helps you automate tasks"
    • "time machine helps you recover after a crash"
    • "private browsing lets you browse the Web privately"
  6. Avoid common Microsoft modifiers (Smart, live, etc)
  7. Name the feature early in order to get the name to stick (smart bookmarks vs. microsummaries)



  1. Kit Alex Faaborg basically killed (see the comments) the idea of using any foxes as potential names.
  2. Tricks Ubiquity won't be so much a thing as a function of Firefox. Like searching using the search bar, going backwards with the back button, etc. Trick steers clear of CLI references and it’s a clue to the user that (like a pet) Ubiquity doesn’t understand language but it will perform specific actions in response to specific commands.
  3. Skip naming it as a separate entity since, to the user, it's just part of the URL bar (much like we don't talk about gecko or chrome in the user facing stuff)
  4. Awesomebar 2.0
  5. Commands
  6. Actions (kinda Microsofty)

Not so serious

  1. Taskfox
    • Definition of Task:
    1. A piece of work assigned or done as part of one's duties.
    2. A difficult or tedious undertaking.
    3. A function to be performed; an objective.
    4. SYNONYMS task, job, chore, stint, assignment. These nouns denote a piece of work that one must do. A task is a well-defined responsibility that is usually imposed by another and that may be burdensome: I stayed at work late to finish the task at hand....”
  2. Taskbar
  3. Task Killer
  4. Hot Shots
  5. Flow
  6. Really Awesomebar
  7. Awesomerbar
  8. Ninja Bar
  9. Ninja Fox


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