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Possible Verbs

The following is a table of verbs that should be considered for inclusion in Firefox. Some verbs will take free-form text input, while others will use specific noun types.

Command Description Cost Desirability
SEARCH query WITH engine Search for something using the installed search engines. Low High
TRANSLATE text/url TO language Translate a given block of text, or a URL, to the desired language. Low High
WEATHER location FOR date Finds what the current (or future) weather is, and the forecast, for a given location. Will use geo-location to find user's current location. Low Medium
SHOP FOR product WITH store Access to online shopping, searching for products. Medium High
MAP location Show a map of a location. Potentially with directions, if current geolocation is known. Medium High
FIND text Find within the current page. Low Medium
TAB name/url Switch to a tab Low Medium
BOOKMARK name TAG tag-name Bookmark and add a tag to this page. Low High
EMAIL message TO contact USING service Open (or send?) an email to a given contact. High High
DEFINE word/phrase Lookup a word in a dictionary. High High
SHARE comment ON social-network Share this page (or a comment) on a social network. Medium Medium
TICKETS show/screening ON date VIA service Find tickets for movies, shows, gigs, etc. Medium Medium
MOVIE title ON service Find information on a film/movie Medium Medium
MUSIC title/artist/album ON service Find information/stream/CDs for an artist, album, or song title. Medium Medium

Also included will be the major providers for various services (determined by the locale). For instance, Google as a shortcut for "search with google", Amazon for "shop on amazon", Twitter for "share on twitter", etc.

Verbs that will not be included

  • Commands duplicating existing browser functionality (eg, back, reload, close, restart)
  • Ubiquity specific commands (eg, command-editor, command-list, skin-list)
  • Page editing commands (eg, underline, bold, italic)