Tbird Major Update 1.5.0.x to 2.0.0.x

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Tracking page for Thunderbird Major Update for 1.5.0.x to 2.0.0.x


Completed (during first attempt):

  • Update message and EULA for enUS + placeholder pages for l10n:
  • Update messages and EULAs for l10n:
  • Delete any non-translated placeholder detail pages and confirm redirects to en-US are working properly:

To Do:

  • Notify mirrors/partners: (justin/kev)
  • Build prep: Mon. (ongoing)
  • QA cycle: Mon. (ongoing)
  • MU on "beta" channel:
  • MU and pave-over CJKT testing:
  • Major Update release date: TBD

Test recommendations

  • Highly recommend testing MU with a test profile instead of using your work email profile, or make a backup of your profile.


Early test instructions from Scott

I've put together some update snippets for QA to start testing major update from to Stealing Nick's instructions...

Here's the steps to do a quick major update test without AUS. This points to the existing complete mar, there is no partial for major update. It also fudges the EULA and HTML pane by using the Firefox 2 content.

  • 1. Set up and a profile you're willing to test with
  • 2. Go to the Config Editor in the Advanced pane of the Options
  • 3. make a new string pref app.update.url.override
  • 4. set it to one of these URLs

Note: you should see the Firefox license and the Firefox major update dialog. That's expected since I'm pointing those urls right now in the xml snippets.

I tested windows but not Mac or Linux so it's possible I have a mistake in the XML files for those platforms. If it doesn't work, let's start there first :)

Note from Tomcat

Other steps to test this:

    • Shutdown Thunderbird !
    • Open the File all-thunderbird.js in the Mozilla Thunderbird\defaults\pref directory
    • There is a string called //pref("app.update.url.override", "");
    • Change this string to pref("app.update.url.override", "theupdatepath");
    • like pref("app.update.url.override", "http://people.mozilla.com/~mscott/tb2006/major-update/update-win.xml");
    • save the changes
    • Start Thunderbird - Check for updates .....done :)

Test Results (during first attempt):

Current Test Results

Test Plan

Test Day Results

Vista Specific Test Results

Major updates are similar to complete updates. So we should be looking out for things that usually go wrong with these types of updates.

Test Results Page

  • Test Tracking
  • 1.5.0.x -> 2.0.0.x major update testing
    • Test all possible update paths for major update; ongoing, initial tests PASS for ->, need to retest for -> - (for enUS across major platforms) (QA team)
    • Focused testing should include:
      • Minor updates for -> (releasetest,)
      • Major updates for -> (releasetest, )
      • Verify that active-update.xml includes channel attribute and completed update is shown in Update History
    • Regression testing should cover:
      • Installing over a pending update state build and checking to see if the installer cleans up all pending related files/directories (and that update does not resume on restart) - this may or may not work as expected, we need to verify the behavior
  • Run test automation for update/AUS configs
    • Sign off on build verification results for update checker -
  • Final round of staged update testing
    • Spot check enUS and P1 locales on all platforms (including Vista) and verify the new Update messages and EULAs -'
  • Partner Builds update testing
    • Verify list of all partner build update/fallback paths -
    • Test null updates for fallback paths


  • Partner Builds Updates -
    • verify all partner build update paths
    • setup null updates for fallback
    • stage updates for QA
  • Push the button: TBD

Lessons learned from Firefox MU

Looking for feedback here from Jay, juanb and others as to what snags we hit while testing Firefox MU that could help us cover all bases with Tbird MU.

  • Have a plan
  • Backup your profile
  • Take notes