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Teach The Web Talks

What are they?

"How To"
Teach The Web Talks are monthly webinars broadcast by the Mozilla foundation as part of the Webmaker educational initiative.

Join us as we sit down with a community expert to discuss all things related to education and the web. Each talk will last for approximately one hour with group participation.

Standard call agenda:

  • 10 mins - Welcomes and introductions
  • 20 mins - Discussion with speaker
  • 15 mins - Q&A period with speaker
  • 5-10 mins - Additional business and wrap-up

How to get involved

These calls are open to everyone and we encourage you to join in on the discussion, ask questions or advice and come together to learn and share ideas about education and the web.

Step 1 - Send Us Your Questions

Send us your questions for the speaker before and during the talks on Twitter using the hashtag #TeachTheWeb and on our Discourse thread. We will create a new Discourse Thread per talk and the correct thread to use will be highlighted in our emails. We will be monitoring both channels before and during the call and will do our best to get as many questions answered as possible!

Step 2 - Watch the Webinar

Watch or join the call live by clicking on the RSVP button in the talk banner above or following the Google Hangout link in the banner. You can ask questions during the talk using the Q&A feature on Google Hangout.

Google Hangout Tool bars.png

You can also watch the recording of the call at your leisure at the same link. Don't forget to send in your questions before the talk and to share your feedback with us after you watch it!

Step 3 - Listen to the Podcast

Whether you don't have an hour to spare or just prefer the format of a podcast you can now listen to a 20 minute podcast version of each Teach The Web Talk at mzl.la/TTWpodcasts. You can listen to the podcast on your phone or computer or subscribe and have them sent straight to your device every month. Podcasts are released approx. one week after the live call.

Upcoming Talks

Presently we are taking a summer break from our Teach The Web Talks- We will be back though at the end of summer- stay tune for further updates. Times will be announced at least two weeks in advance of the call and will be displayed in multiple time zones. Sign up for the mailing list to get notifications about upcoming calls.


All calls are recorded and since December 18th 2014 they are available to watch on Airmozilla here. and on google hangouts here Below you will find a brief summary of each call and the speakers bio.

Pre December all calls are posted on archive.org. Find them here and the call notes are linked on this older wiki page

May 21st 2015

Speakers Jon Peri and Shareeza Bhola from Change.org

TopicCreate Change: Start a petition to mobilize support around the world.

We spent some time with Jon and Shareeza hearing about how Change.org started and talking about how can people build momentum and a movement for their ideas online, whether it's a club, an educational product, or an organization. Watch the google hangout and learn how we can build momentum and movement for our ideas online.**Coming soon- the 20 min Podcast

April 23rd 2015

Speaker Jane Parks, Project Manager for Creative Commons. Topic Working in the Open web .

We spoke to Jane about harnessing the power of open source for your project or event. Watch the talk between the Teach the Web Talks team and Jane about how integrating the open practices can help people become better teachers of the web. **Coming soon- the 20 min Podcast

March 19th 2015

Speakers Olivia Fernandezand Amy Castator who both work for World Wildlife Foundation (WWF)-Canada’s Living Planet @ Work program.

Topic - How to engage individuals and companies as champions

We spoke to Olivia and Amy about how to engage people on an individual, team, and organizational level in your initiative.

Watch the Living planet @ work team talk about how you can engage your volunteers to be animated supporters and advocates here. **Coming soon- the 20 min Podcast

February 26th 2015

Speakers - Angela Popplewell, Founder and Chief Storyteller, and JP Pullos, Photography Education Coordinator at 100cameras.

Topic - Shoot It - How To Use Photography To Tell Your Story

We spoke to to Angela Popplewell and JP Pullos from 100cameras to find out how you can better use photography to share the story of your event, your work, or your organization. No fancy camera required!

Watch 100cameras talk about how you can use photography to share the story of your event here. Listen to the 20 min Podcast here

January 28th 2015

Speaker - Stacy Martin, Senior Manager for Privacy and Engagement at Mozilla.

Topic - Who Is Watching You Now - How to be Smart about Data Privacy

For Data Privacy Day, Stacy Martin, Senior Manager for Privacy and Engagement joined us to talk about how to be Smart with your Privacy online.

Watch Stacy talk about privacy here. Read the discourse chat here. Listen to the 20 min Podcast here.

December 18th 2014

Speaker - Evan Jones from the Connected Learning Alliance.

Topic - The Basics of Building An Online Community.

Evan is the Community Manager for the Connected Learning Alliance, although he prefers the term "web wrangler" spoke to us about how to define your community, keeping them engaged and asked us not to forget the old school platforms. Watch Evan talk about community stew here and read the discourse chat here