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This page contains the list of discussion groups managed by Mozilla TechSpeakers on Matrix.

About the Matrix migration

In March 2020 Mozilla has finished the move over to its chosen successor to the Mozilla IRC , the Mozilla Matrix server, or the service otherwise known as Beyond IRC many communities (like TechSpeakers) have been also using other tools, such as Telegram for communication in recent years, and the Mozilla Matrix service is intended to provide a suitable replacement for consolidating this variety of channels into a single service, governed (and thus, the data protected) by Mozilla policies.

For information on the Mozilla transition, registering an account and using Matrix, check out the Matrix wiki page here on the Mozilla Wiki.

Just as many other communities, TechSpeakers is moving on with the times and we will be using Matrix channels (quite a few of them!) for discussions going forward. There will be no automatic migration, or centralized adding of TechSpeakers to chat rooms (for multiple reasons), and instead everyone is requested to ask to join exactly the rooms in which they wish to participate. Joining instructions and a constantly evolving room list can be found further below this page:

Joining the new TechSpeakers Matrix rooms

Joining the groups is currently a manual process because we don't have a central repository with all TechSpeakers and their preferred Matrix accounts. Also certain rooms are managed/moderated by different people and the process consists of reaching out to one of moderators listed below next to the room name and asking them to get added to the desired room(s). This is most easily done using Direct Messages from the Matrix account the TechSpeaker wishes to use for accessing the room, but alternatively the requests can be made on the TechSpeakers Telegram channel or in a Telegram DM if for whatever reason requesting in a Matrix DM is not possible.

Creating new topic-based discussion channels

TechSpeakers are free to create (encouraged, even) discussion channels for topics that they find interesting and perceive sufficient interest from their fellow TechSpeakers that warrants the creation of a new channel. Please don't create a new channel without checking the interest from other TechSpeakers first and discussing it first with them.

Channel list

TechSpeakers (public)

Public channel where everyone is allowed to join and share their activities, content, talks, non-techspeakers can ask for advice or help and tap into the experience of Mozilla TechSpeakers. Generally speaking this is a channel for people in the wider Mozilla Community who are interested in technical speaking and open web technologies.

TechSpeakers Chat (invite-only)

Private channel for Mozilla TechSpeakers, to be replacing the private Telegram channel used previously for general (non-public/NDA-d) discussions. There won't be any migration of accounts current TechSpeakers are requested to reach out in the Telegram channel or in DM to one of the moderators from (or citing) their Matrix account (note: this does not have to be a account, an account on any other Matrix service will work as well!) to receive an invite.

TS Devs (TechSpeakers developers) (invite-only)

A talk channel for discussing programming-related topics for TechSpeakers. Multiple one-off channels were previously created for TechSpeakers who wanted to discuss development, coding contributions and ask questions about such programming-related topics to spare the main TechSpeakers discussion channel from the noise, so a dedicated programming-related channel is now available for those who want to be part of these discussions.

TS A/V (TechSpeakers audio-video) (invite-only)

  • Room link:
  • Moderators: Flaki, Havi
  • Open to: Mozilla TechSpeakers & special guests (at the discretion of the moderators)

Discussion channel for various audio-video-streaming etc. related topics. Discussions about audio/video recording hardware, software recommendations and best practices. The target group is TechSpeakers who are doing (or toying with the idea of doing) podcasting, videos, presenting at conferences and workshops, live streaming or just want to improve the quality of their home recording/video chat setup.

TS Mixed Reality (invite-only)

Chat for TechSpeakers interested in and involved with Mixed Reality on the web. Discussions about WebXR, AR/VR, hardware, Firefox Reality, mixed reality web and developer tooling such as Aframe, Three.js, Mozilla Hubs and more.

TS Web Monetization (invite-only)

Chat group for TechSpeakers interested in [Web Monetization](, the Grant for The Web and discussions around alternate monetization practices on the web. TechSpeakers interested in crowd-funded open source (such as Open Collective, Patreon, GitHub sponsors and more) and alternate revenue models will probably also find this discussion channel worthwhile.