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This meet-up is on invitation only. The invitation period is now closed and all participants have received their invitation.

Tech Speakers are a group of global group of Mozilla developer outreach volunteers that actively represent Mozilla at technical events and conferences in their regions and around the world.

In the last few years, we hold yearly meetups to improve the quality of our most impactful members. Meeting with each other is a good way of motivating each other and to increase our engagement. In-person meetings also help to work on these in a more personal way, and to build relationships between participants, staff and coaches.

Administrative information


The meet-up will be at:

Huone Clarke Quay

3D River Valley Road

#03-01 Clarke Quay

Singapore 179023


  • We have booked the hotel from Friday evening to Monday morning you will stay at. No need to book by yourself.
  • You may check in starting at 3pm on Friday. Luggage storage should be available at the front desk if you arrive earlier than this.

Park Regis Singapore

23 Merchant Rd

Singapore 058268


Getting to Singapore

Last bookings are in progress for the meetup. Thank you to all!

  • Don't forget to bring your passport & (if needed) your Mozilla travel letter.

From Changi Airport to the hotel

Please use public transportation to go to the hotel (we will not reimburse Taxis or Uber). If you have a good reason to use a taxi or an Uber (like you have trouble to walk), please ask us before.

The prices should be around SG$ 2:

Prices Changi-Hotel

At Changi, Near SATS Flight Kitchen (That's the name of the bus stop!), take bus 24 (direction Ang Mo Kio) for 3 stops (5 minutes) and exit at Upp Changi Stn/Sutd. Enter the MRT station there and take the Downtown Line (blue) direction Bukit Panjang for 15 stops (30 minutes) and exit at Chinatown MRT Station. From there the hotel is 8 minutes away (walking). Public Transportation from Changi to hotel.png

From the Hotel to the venue

The hotel is at a walking distance from the venue (~5 minutes).

Singapore 2019 - Hotel-Venue.png


  • Breakfast for the Saturday, Sunday and Monday are included with the hotel
  • Lunches for the Saturday and Sunday will be taken on-site
  • Dinner are organized for the Saturday and the Sunday.

We will vegetarian options. If you have allergies please contact us so we can make 100% sure all will be fine.

You can expense your Friday evening (max $25.00SG), as well as for any meal needed during your trip, at the same condition as a regular TS trip.

Reimbursements and receipts

We will reimburse the following items using the usual process: - visa and immigration costs - Friday evening meal (max XXXXX) - Public transportation from Schipol to the hotel (and back) - Usual transportation costs (from Home to Airport / Train station, and back) - For those (you contacted us already) who have not used Egencia, the train/plane to/from Singapore (and back) [Note that if you have not used Egencia, you should have contacted us beforehands! If not, do it now,] People with disabilities: other needed transportation (speak with us beforehand)

No other things will be reimbursed (unless agreed beforehand). If you have any doubt, please contact us!

Like always, keep all receipts.

After the event submit an invoice (like for any event) with all the items listed and all receipts. Deadline: November 15th, 2019.

Singapore laws

Singapore has draconian laws that are different than every other country. Pay attention to (but not only):

  • Chewing gum is banned in Singapore so leave it at home when packing your bags. Importation of chewing gums into the country, even if it is not for trading, is illegal.
  • Littering is forbidden. To maintain its reputation of being impeccably clean, Singapore applies an active campaign against littering and enforces it. Throwing a cigarette butt or a paper will cost $300 for a first time offender. Larger objects like a soda can land you in front of a judge!
  • Smoking. Most public places, indoors or outdoors, including stadiums, parks, or overhead bridges, are no-smoking areas. If you are smoking, you must do so in a designated area. When in doubt, ask where a designated area can be found.
  • Jaywalking is forbidden. Always use crosswalks and wait for the green light!
  • Homosexual relations are forbidden in Singapore.
  • Not flushing the toilets is an offence.

And of course anything around drugs, vandalism (this including defacing advertisement, or using stickers inappropriately), or fighting is prohibited (like in most countries).

Hope this help.



  • We will be starting at 9:00 am on Saturday
  • We will be starting at 9:30 am on Sunday
  • You should allow 10 minutes to travel to the event venue from the hotel, so be sure to depart the hotel with plenty of time to spare.

Singapore schedule 4.png


Web Speech

  • Presented by Andre Natal, Mozilla Software Engineer
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Tech Speakers will learn how to implement the Web Speech API onto a website (need Windows or Mac OS)

Dev Tools

  • Presented by Patrick Brosset, Mozilla Product Manager
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Tech Speakers will get hands-on (have your laptop ready) all-encompassing (take notes) training to master all aspects of Developer Tools, especially new and upcoming features. With that applied knowledge they will not only be able to quickly reveal the secrets of how browsers execute and render web pages, but also teach others to do the same – leading to more productive creators and a web that is accessible to all.


  • We will have a photographer present with us on Saturday taking professional headshots for any Tech Speakers who want to participate.
  • Each Tech Speaker may sign up for a headshot session; the photography session will last 10-15 min.
  • After editing, you will be provided with 2 finished photos for your professional/personal use.


Tech Speaker Group 1 Tech Speaker Group 2
Abhiram Candy
Ankit Erin
Aka Felipe
Carolyn Galuh
Diwanshi Giannis
Irene Jayesh
Jennifer Jyotsna
Karthic Kalyan
Rabimba Luis
Rizky Michael
Bob Miguel
Viswaprasath Pooja
Yuliana Ram

Saturday evening cruise and meal

On Saturday evening, we will eat at Inle Myanmar, 111 North Bridge Road #B1-07 Peninsula Plaza, Singapore. The dinner will be at 5.30pm and last until 7.30pm. We will then go to a cruise and we need to be on time.

Map to Inle Myanmar

The boat cruise will board at 8.15pm for 1 hour. It is a private boat and we should be in the Marina on time for the Laser Show. The boat pier in front of Huone (30m away, in fact). Again, be on time as we will board in one large group and the area will be busy

Sunday evening dinner

We are going to Lau Pa Sat Food court: 18 Raffles Quay Telok Ayer Festival Market #01-94 Lau Pa Sat Festival Market, Singapore 048582 Singapore We are leaving from the hotel at 6.15pm. Lau pa sat.png