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Tips on Giving Feedback

  • Focus on what to do, not what not to do. Find a replacement behavior.
  • Agree on feedback guidelines for your group!
  • You can only talk about yourself/your own experience, don't judge others' experience.
  • Give examples of positive feedback

Tips for Things to Listen/Watch for in Your Speaking

  • Listen for strength of the bottom lines
  • Listen for breaks/distinction in the modules
  • Listen for the pacing and speed of your speech.
  • Volume: quiet vs loud -- modulate your volume to reflect the intent of your words.
  • Facial expression - does subject match tone delivery? Congruence!
  • Body language/posture/hand gestures - this comes with recording - capture whole body/or back up the camera.
  • Purposefulness of what the presenter is doing - notice it in yourself.
  • How to replace um/uh? - "Just stop" only works when you are self-aware!

Tips for Breaking a Tough Habit

  • Listen for your ums and uhs, or any other idiosyncratic fillers, build the awareness and you will self-regulate!
  • If you don't hear them, try this: Speak so slow, that there's room to hear what's going on.
  • Everytime you say an um put your finger in the air. Physical acknowledgement happens!

Tips for Communicating Through Your Content

  • Watch out for use of metaphor - does it help get the point across? Is it cross-culturally understood?


  • How do I make a better bottom line?
  • Can I have some tips on starting strong?
  • How should I do Intros and Outros?
  • How can I create Drama!
  • In story telling, how far is too far?
  • What are some good ways to set up a demo?
  • What to do when I get lost half way through?
  • I'm nervous, now what?
  • Where can I find better visuals, and how should I use them?
  • I keep having the same vocal problems and people can't understand me or are distracted. How can I break through?
    • Extreme over-enunciation - Focus on each individual sound coming out of your mouth. Repeat this a bunch of times.
    • Super Slow Down - When practicing, try speaking extremely slowly. No really, slower. Slowwwwwwerrrrrrrr.
    • Say Less - If you say less, more gets through. It forces you to get to the heart of the content.