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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Color/Firefox.
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.


{{Color/Firefox}} is not in it self a template. It's a parent template containing a collection of six sub-templates for six official Firefox colours, as described in the Mozilla Style guide. Click the template links below to go to the template you want to use, or copy-paste the template code from the table.

NB! The template names of all the templates under Color/Firefox are case-sensitive. The "F" in "Firefox" must be upper-case when you call any of them using their full name.


Template code Shortcut code Hex value
{{Color/Firefox/orange}} {{fxorange}} #E66000
{{Color/Firefox/light orange}} {{fxlightorange}} #FF9500
{{Color/Firefox/yellow}} {{fxyellow}} #FFCB00
{{Color/Firefox/blue}} {{fxblue}} #00539F
{{Color/Firefox/light blue}} {{fxlightblue}} #0095DD
{{Color/Firefox/nightly blue}} {{nightlyblue}} #002147


{{Color/Firefox/orange}} gives you the colour Firefox orange (Pantone 166 C).

Color/Firefox/light orange

{{Color/Firefox/light orange}} gives you the colour Firefox light orange (Pantone 144 C).


{{Color/Firefox/yellow}} gives you the colour Firefox yellow (Pantone 116 C).


{{Color/Firefox/blue}} gives you the colour Firefox blue (Pantone 2945 C).

Color/Firefox/light blue

{{Color/Firefox/light blue}} gives you the colour Firefox light blue (Pantone 2925 C).

Color/Firefox/nightly blue

{{Color/Firefox/nightly blue}} gives you the colour Nightly blue (Pantone 282 C).

Other Mozilla products using these colour templates

Colours are named after the product they are used with, i.e. a colour used by both Firefox and Marketplace is called "Firefox …" in Firefox design terms, and "Marketplace …" in Marketplace design terms. Hence, the same actual colour can have a number of different names, but since they in reality are the very same colour, there's no need to create additional templates for their respective names.

Below, you find a short list of overlapping colous in Mozilla programs, with directions as to which colours to use.

Firefox OS


Marketplace uses four of the Firefox colours.

Marketplace orange
  • Use {{fxorange}}
Marketplace light orange
  • Use {{fxlightorange}}
Marketplace blue
  • Use {{fxblue}}
Marketplace light blue
  • Use {{fxlightblue}}


See also

  • {{Color}}: The super-parent of the Mozilla colour templates in MozillaWiki.