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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Color/Thunderbird.
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.


{{Color/Thunderbird}} is not in it self a template. It's a parent template containing one sub-template, for the Thunderbird specific colour Thunderbird light beige. In addition to that colour, Thunderbird uses two of the colours specified for Firefox, as described in the Mozilla Style guide. The Firefox colour templates are included in the table below, for easy reference. To see the template pages for them, go to Color/Firefox.

Click the template link below to go to the template you want to use, or copy-paste the template code from the table.

NB! The template name of the template under Color/Thunderbird is case-sensitive. The "T" in "Thunderbird" must be upper-case when you call it using its full name.


Template code Shortcut code Hex value
{{Color/Thunderbird/light beige}} {{tblightbeige}} #F5EFE6
{{Color/Firefox/blue}} {{fxblue}} #00539F
{{Color/Firefox/light blue}} {{fxlightblue}} #0095DD

Color/Thunderbird/light beige

{{Color/Thunderbird/light beige}} gives you the colour Thunderbird light beige.

Other Thunderbird colours

The remaining colours used by Thunderbird are shared with Firefox.

See also

  • {{Color}}: The super-parent of the Mozilla colour templates in MozillaWiki.
  • {{Color/Firefox}}: parent template for the official Firefox colours.
  • {{Color/Firefox OS}}: parent template for the official Firefox OS colours.
  • {{Color/Mozilla}}: parent template for the official Mozilla colours.