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This is a documentation subpage for Template:GithubToTravis.
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.


{{GithubToTravis}} (or {{gtt}}) converts Github-links to Travis CI-links, with the option to display the link as a full address, with custom link text, or as an image (the Travis CI icon).


There are 2 parameters, both named, of which one is required and 1 is optional.


The template's syntax is

  • {{GithubToTravis|github= |IconOnly= }}

or, for quick and easy typing,

  • {{gtt|github= |IconOnly= }}

Required parameter


Github link

The full URL of the Github link you want to convert.

  • You can format the link address as an external wikilink ([https://www.example.moz/ Custom link text], notice the space character between the URL and the desired link text).
  • {{GithubToTravis|github=full github link}}

Optional parameter


Displays Travis CI icon

Use this parameter to display the link as the Travis CI icon (Travis-logo.png, for actual size, see Examples below).

  • The parameter name is case-sensitive, i.e. it must be entered as IconOnly, with capital letters and all, or the template will not display the icon.
  • You can enter any value you want to invoke this parameter, but if you leave the parameter empty (i.e. only type IconOnly=) the template will not display the icon.
  • {{GithubToTravis|IconOnly=true}}


Correct use

Case What you type What you see Comments
Plain link https://github.com/mozilla/build-relengapi-slaveloan}} https://travis-ci.org/mozilla/build-relengapi-slaveloan
github=[https://github.com/mozilla/build-relengapi-slaveloan build-relengapi-slaveloan]}} build-relengapi-slaveloan Output as an external wikilink, displaying the custom link text
Image github=https://github.com/mozilla/build-relengapi-slaveloan|IconOnly=True}} build-relengapi-slaveloan.png

Incorrect use

Case What you type What you see Comments
No value
for IconOnly
github=https://github.com/mozilla/build-relengapi-slaveloan|IconOnly=}} https://travis-ci.org/mozilla/build-relengapi-slaveloan IconOnly will be ignored, and the template falls back to displaying the entered link
Param name of
IconOnly is
github=https://github.com/mozilla/build-relengapi-slaveloan|icononly=True}} https://travis-ci.org/mozilla/build-relengapi-slaveloan If IconOnly is entered as, e.g. "icononly", it will be ignored, and the template will fall back to displaying the entered link


Case What you type What you see Comments
Other value
than true
for IconOnly
github=https://github.com/mozilla/build-relengapi-slaveloan|IconOnly=gurka}} build-relengapi-slaveloan.png IconOnly interprets any entered value as true

See also

  • {{ExternalLinkToText}}: {{GithubToTravis}} calls this template to check the entered URLs.