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Glossary list start
Glossary list end


{{glossary list start}} and {{glossary list end}} are front-ends for the HTML element <dl>...</dl>, which is used to delimit a list of glossary/dictionary entries. The former contains the opening tag, and the latter the closing tag. These two templates should always be used together.

  • {{glossary list start}} should be placed above the first entry of each list
    • it is recommended to treat every letter, special character and the digits 0-9 (the latter as a collective) as separate lists; i.e. words under "A" is considered as one list, words under "B" as another list, etc.
  • {{glossary list end}} should be placed after the last entry of each list.

They are meant to be used in conjunction with {{glossary entry}} (or {{glossary term}} + {{glossary definition}}).


Glossary list start

There is 1 parameter, which is unnamed and optional.

Glossary list end

No parameters.


The templates' respective syntaxes are

Glossary list start
  • {{glossary list start|anchor name }}
Glossary list end
  • {{glossary list end}}

Optional parameter for Glossary list start


Anchor name

You can use this parameter to create an anchor for the list in question. Wiki headers will automatically create anchor points, so only use this if the list for some reason lacks a header, e.g. if it appears within a longer span of text.

  • The anchor name must be unique. It is recommended to use a simple, but descriptive name.
  • {{glossary list start|1}}


Case What you type What you see
Basic use headword}}
{{glossary definition|definition}}

{{glossary list end}}


Anchor anchor name}}

{{glossary list end}}

See also

  • {{glossary entry}}: combines {{glossary term}} and {{glossary definition}} in a single template.