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Main article: [[{{{1}}}]]
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{{main}} displays a link that points the reader towards the more substantial main article for further reading. The output text is indented and italic.

The template is useful, e.g. when an article section takes up something that already is thoroughly explained in a main article, or when an article includes a citation from another article at MozillaWiki. It is meant to make it easier to include internal references, and to lessen the need for over-extensive article sections and parallel articles.


There is only one, mandatory parameter, used to specify the main article (1).

Main article

  • 1: The name of the main article

This is the only parameter. No parameter name needs to be entered. Mandatory.

  • {{main|1}}


Correct use

Example case What you write What you see
Schematic {{main|1}}
Main article: 1
Textual {{main|Contribute}}
Main article: Contribute

Incorrect use

Example case What you write What you see
No parameter {{main}}
Main article: [[{{{1}}}]]

See also

  • {{main article}} – more complex template for referencing one or more main articles.