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This is a template for displaying the details of a Module. You use it in wiki markup as follows.

  • Please try and include a mailto link or other contact details for all module owners and peers, but not for emeritus owners and peers to avoid them being bothered.
  • You will probably not need all the lines.
|description=A paragraph of textual description.
|owner=Some Name
|peers=[mailto:markup@isaccepted.com Mark Up], Other Guy
|ownersemeritus=Ex Owner (1998-2003), Past Person (2003-2012) 
|peersemeritus=Eric Meritus, Peter Eer
|design=[mailto:markup@isaccepted.com UX Master], Design Master
|group=hyphen-separated-standard-discussion-forum-name-without-leading-'mozilla' (e.g "dev-platform")
|forum=[http://example.com/link/to/forum Our Web-based Discussion Forum] (for modules using other discussion systems)
|source_dirs=source/directory/from/top/of/tree, another/directory
|components=BugzillaProduct::Component Name, Another Product::Another Component
|url=http://www.example.com/relevant/url, http://is.gd/second-relevant-url
|notes=Free text content, perhaps clarifying the structured bit


|description=Support for platform accessibility APIs.
|owner=Alexander Surkov
|peers=[mailto:marco.zehe@googlemail.com Marco Zehe], Ginn Chen, David Bolter
|ownersemeritus=Aaron Leventhal (1998-2001)
|components=Core::Disability Access APIs
|notes=Also covers bugs in other components

Which comes out like this:

Name: accessibility (#)
Description: Support for platform accessibility APIs.
Owner: Alexander Surkov
Peer(s): Marco Zehe, Ginn Chen, David Bolter
Owner(s) Emeritus: Aaron Leventhal (1998-2001)
Source Dir(s): accessible/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Disability Access APIs
URL(s): http://www.mozilla.org/access/
Discussion Group: dev-accessibility
Notes: Also covers bugs in other components

Contact Gerv if you have questions. Ignore the below.

Name: {{{name}}} ([[#{{{name}}} |#]])
Description: {{{description}}}
Owner: none