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{{mozlink}} produces a custom link to a website or webpage under the mozilla.org domain.


There are 2 unnamed and 2 named parameters, none of which is strictly required.

Parameter Description
1 mozilla.org subdomain; unnamed parameter
2 Custom link text; unnamed parameter
lang Mozilla locale code
path Path to page under mozilla.org, e.g. …/firefox/developer


The template's syntax is

  • {{mozlink|subdomain |text |lang= |path= }}
Copy-paste templates
Size Template code
Basic use subdomain }}
Link text subdomain |text }}
Common use subdomain |text |lang= }}
Full subdomain |text |lang= |path= }}

Optional parameters


Mozilla subdomain

The template will, as default, link to the main Mozilla website (www.mozilla.org), but it is possible to specify a subdomain. For example, by setting this parameter to addons, your link will point to the Mozilla Add-ons site (addons.mozilla.org). If the parameter is left unused, the subdomain will default to www. The parameter is unnamed, so no parameter name needs to be entered.

List of Mozilla subdomains
advocacy eideticker moztrap
affiliates etherpad mxr
air ftp nightly
addons gitmirror people
www-archive graphs planet
blog hacks pontoon
bugzilla hg pulse
browserquest krakenbenchmark quality
bzr l10n reps
careers ldap sendto
developer lists studentreps
dnt-dashboard localize summit
dnt mail support
education mobilepartners telemetry
  • {{mozlink|1}}


Custom link text

Custom text string that will show as link text. The parameter is unnamed, so no parameter name needs to be entered.

  • If this parameter is left out, the link will use the other parameters to provide the link text.
  • {{mozlink|2}}


Language (locale) code

It is possible to specify a Mozilla locale for the link, defined as a locale code (e.g. de for German or sv-SE for Swedish). If this parameter is left out, the link will be redirected at the target to either the locale of the user's Firefox browser, or (if there is no translation of that webpage for the user's locale) to the English default locale (en-US). An up-to-date list of Mozilla's web locale codes can be found at the Mozilla Web Localization Dashboard.

  • {{mozlink|lang=locale code}}


Path to page

To link to a webpage under the websites base address, you use the path parameter. To, e.g., link to the Firefox Developer Edition page under mozilla.org (www.mozilla.org/firefox/developer), you enter |path=firefox/developer.

The name you type in must be the same as the page's address path in the location bar. If you, for example, want to link to the login page for Bugzilla (bugzilla.mozilla.org/index.cgi?GoAheadAndLogIn=1), you need to enter |path=index.cgi?GoAheadAndLogIn=1 as the parameter value.

  • {{mozlink|path=path to page}}


Correct use
Parameter What you write What you see
No parameters {{mozlink}} www.mozilla.org
1 bugzilla}} bugzilla.mozilla.org
2 bugzilla|Go to Bugzilla}} Go to Bugzilla
lang {{mozlink lang=sv-SE}} Mozilla's website (sv-SE)
path {{mozlink path=firefox/developer}} Firefox Developer Edition
Combo addons|„Rainbow“ Farbwerkzeuge|lang=de|path=firefox/addon/rainbow-color-tools}} „Rainbow“ Farbwerkzeuge (de)

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