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{{space}} inserts a non-breaking space, or any specified space character available in the template, at the position where the template is placed.

The template is especially useful when you use several languages on the same page, or when you need to conform to a certain format in order to present something.

The default action is to include a non-breaking space.


There is only 1 parameter, which is unnamed and optional.


The template's syntax is

  • {{space|character value }}

To insert a non-breaking space, you don't need to enter any parameter. Just type

  • {{space}}

Optional parameter


Character value

You can insert any of the available space- and format characters, by entering the appropriate value (see Available values, below). This parameter is unnamed, so no parameter name has to be included.

  • If the given value is invalid, the template will insert a non-breaking space.
  • {{space|1}}

Available values

Group Character Value
Main Alternative
Spaces Space (regular space) sp space
Ogham space mark ospm ogham
En quad enq enquad
Em quad emq emquad
En space (nut) en ensp
Em space (mutton) em emsp
Three-per-em space (thick space) tpem thick
Four-per-em space (mid space) fpem mid
Six-per-em space spem
Figure space fsp figure
Punctuation space psp punctuation
Thin space tsp thin
Hair space hsp hair
Narrow no-break space nnbsp narrow
Medium mathematical space mmsp math
Ideographic space idsp ideographic
Ideographic half fill space idhfsp half-fill
Format Mongolian vowel separator mvs
Word joiner wj
Zero width space zwsp
Zero width non joiner zwnj
Zero width joiner zwj
Zero width no-break space w. BOM zwnbsp


Character descriptions


Name Width Break Dec Comments
Space (regular space)   Yes  
No-break space   No  
Ogham space mark Yes   Glyph is blank in fonts lacking the stemline
En quad   Yes  
Em quad Yes  
En space (nut) Yes  
Em space (mutton) Yes  
Three-per-em space (thick space) Yes  
Four-per-em space (mid space) Yes  
Six-per-em space Yes  
Figure space No  
Punctuation space Yes  
Thin space Yes  
Hair space Yes  
Narrow no-break space No  
Medium mathematical space (MMSP) Yes  
Ideographic space   Yes   CJK
Ideographic half fill space Yes 〿 CJK; visual indicator of a screen space for half of an ideograph

Format characters

Name Width Break Dec Comments
Mongolian vowel separator (MVS)
Yes ᠎ Mongolian format control character
Word joiner (WJ)
No ⁠
Zero width space (ZWSP)
Yes ​
Zero width non-joiner (ZWNJ)
Yes ‌
Zero width joiner (ZWJ)
Yes ‍
Zero width no-break space (with BOM)
No  Arabic; only for detection of byte order; for indicating non-breaking, use word joiner.

Correct use

Case What you type What you see Comments
No parameter Separate{{space}}words Separate words Inserts a non-breaking space
1 em}}more{{space|idsp}}separate{{space|nnbsp}}words Even more separate words


Case What you type What you see Comments
1 sushi}}words Separate words Falls back to inserting a non-breaking space

See also

  • {{nb}}: Inserts up to 10 non-breaking space characters.
  • {{sp}}: Inserts a single, regular space character. For use in templates, parser functions, and tables.