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As part of the anti-spammer process, all valid users are having this template added to their userpage. Ideally it remains there but users may remove it at their own risk.

The box - and its creation - generates a record that the user has been individually verified by inspection of their account behaviour and/or past edits, and optionally adds them to appropriate categories.


This box should only be added after the userpage has been created by User:WikiSupport - which may first require deletion in order that such creation is the first entry in the userpage's history. In general the box will be added at the same time. Although there is nothing to stop the box being added by anyone else, the 'verification edit' linked to cannot be faked, this it is a proven verification.


The basic format is


however there are additional classes of users which can be recognised in the template, eg.


The full list of classes is:

  • member
  • admin (sysop)
  • bureaucrat
  • editor
  • remo
  • noted (a past user about whom it is unclear their actual status)
  • reg (registered - someone who has not edited any articles yet)
  • user
  • formeradmin
  • formerbureaucrat

In the case of the admin and bureaucrat flags, additional links appear in the displayed box to pages which will verify (or otherwise) the listed status.

Inactive users

Where a user has not edited within the last nine months or so the date of their last wiki activity may be included. Where the user had admin or bureaucrat status this will usually be removed until they recommence editing, in order to protect against possible misuse of the account. The date is optional and may co-exist with the user type. The date shown will be that of the most recent edit to a page other than the user's userpage, unless that is the only page they have edited.

  • {{VerifiedUser|date=yyyy-mm-dd}}
  • {{VerifiedUser|type=reg|date=yyyy-mm-dd}}

Category links

The following categories are created and maintained via this template:

Additionally, the use of the date element creates

Where the user has only registered or edited their user page or a talk page then a message box will appear inviting them to get more involved in the wiki.