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Notes About Terminology

  • Firefox OS is frequently referred to by its code name (and original name) B2G.
  • The files we use to flash the device are referred to as images, ROMs or builds.
  • The proper abbreviation for Firefox OS is FxOS.
  • The process of flashing refers to writing the ROMs to the device to update the operating system to a different version.
  • Flatfish is the code name we use to refer to the 10" tablets being tested.

If you're looking to build B2G, you want to go here.

These instructions are aimed at Windows users.

Flashing Your Device

  • Use these instructions to install the Android Debug Bridge (ADB).
    • Please note, under the Enable USB Debugging section, the setting can be found in Firefox OS in the Settings app under Device Information > More Information > Developer. In the developer menu, check "Remote debugging".
    • Follow all instructions including listing the device and installing additional USB drivers if necessary.
  • If you are on Windows 8 or Windows XP Home Edition see these special considerations if you have issues installing drivers or detecting the device.
  • [(link)Download the image files] for your Flatfish device.
  • Move or extract the image files into the same folder containing adb.
  • The device should be powered on and plugged into your computer with the USB cable.
  • In the Command window you opened earlier type adb reboot boot-fastboot
    The tablet should now display the Firefox OS logo.

Enter the following commands

fastboot erase cache

If you are moving between major versions (such as 1.4 > 2.0 or 2.0 > 1.4) then run the following commands, if not then you may want to skip them as they delete all user data such as downloaded apps or emails.

fastboot erase data
fastboot flash data userdata.img

If boot.img was not included in the image files you downloaded, skip this:

fastboot flash boot boot.img

Note that flashing system.img will probably take over a minute and the screen may display odd colors. Please don't freak out.

fastboot flash system system.img

Once the command window indicates success, it's time to reboot:

fastboot reboot

The tablet should reboot into a fresh install of Firefox OS.

To check your build version open the Settings app, then Device Information > More Information > Firmware Revision. The date of your current revision is embedded as YYYYMMDD.