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The Testplan review template is a guide to determine if the relevant areas are covered in the testplan. It's meant to be a handy guide to create discussion and catch any areas that may have been missed.

Questions that Should be Asked of the Testplan

  • What types of things does this code depend on?
  • What types of assumptions does this code make?
  • What are other ways to control this behavior?
  • Is this behavior/feature exposed to content?
  • Are there security implications with the code that need to be tested
  • How does this feature interact with mobile?
  • How does this feature interact with the UI, what about ancillary dialogs like page info and context menus?
  • What are the code structures that this code sits atop of? For example, the new CSS attributes sit atop our parsers and our CSS Style system. New places features sit atop the places Query API etc. This is just another way to think about the "what does this code depend on" question above
  • What parts of this testplan should be implemented yesterday (aka as soon as possible)? Next week? Next version?
  • How important is the feature under test, where should the testplan be prioritized with respect to other features