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The Mozilla Day, 2014 - Kolkata
11th NOV 2014 / Tuesday / Salt Lake


This is an event where we want to engage new speakers and as well as new contributors. This event is basically for the awareness of FOSS and also about the Mission of Mozilla. In this event we will also look forward to the upcoming new contributors who want to contribute in open sources and as well as Mozilla. After the event we will be inaugurating the Firefox club of West Bengal University Of Technology. Event page is here.

Agenda for that Day

  1. Welcome Speech
  2. Introduction to FOSS
  3. Mission Mozilla
  4. Ways to contribute to Mozilla
  5. Mozilla Webmaker
  6. Support Mozilla & Army of Awesome
  7. Mozilla Developer Network
  8. Code base contribution
  9. Intro to Firefox OS & Firefox OS Apps
  10. FSA Program and FSA recruitment
  11. Conclusion
  12. Inauguration of FirefoxClub_WBUT at West Bengal University Of Technology

Participants on that day

Any one can join us on that day. Not only that only WBUT In-House students can join but also other college students can also join us. The thing you have to do is to register ASAP here also People can join via irc : at channel: #mozilla-kolkata.

Date & Time

11th NOV 2014 / 11:00 to 16:00 IST

Venue Details

West Bengal University Of Technology (In-House)
BF 142, Sector 1, Salt Lake City
Kolkata, West Bengal - 700064
(Take any bus towards Salt Lake Karunamoyee from there take an auto towards 5no. Tank of Salt Lake. From there only 2 minutes walk)


Ayan Choudhury
irc : at channel: or #l10n or #india or #mzilla-kolkata or #AoA
If you have any question about the event contact me through IRC or email 

Post Event

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