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NOTE: this page is obsolete, please refer to <>

Basic Use

The Thunderbird try server works in exactly the same way to the Firefox try server with a few minor differences. The automation is based on the same hardware and tools, so there should be few differences.

The Thunderbird try server is primarily for building Thunderbird. Whilst building other comm-central apps may work, this is not supported - builds and tests may fail etc.

Must Read

Please read the Firefox Try server page to get familiar with the basic workings of try server. Notably, you must have installed the "push-to-try" extension.

Please also use the TryChooser whenever possible to limit jobs and save builder time.


Safest bet: Use Mercurial queues, for example:
hg qnew -m "try: -b do -p macosx64,linux64,win64 -u all" try && hg push -f -r tip cc-try && hg qpop && hg qdelete try
cc-try must be defined in your .hg/hgrc as cc-try = ssh://
You must refresh your patch before or the changes will go into the try patch and will be deleted!


These are the differences for the Thunderbird try server:

  • The .hg/hgrc that exists within the comm/ folder must contain:
push-to-try = -s ssh://

In order for ../mach try <TryChooserSyntaxOptions> to work

  • You must run ../mach try (note the two dots) from *within* comm/. Running mach try from the mozilla-central (sometimes named source/) directory will not work.
  • After running that command you should see: pushing to ssh://
  • Results go to the try-comm-central on treeherder
  • Finished builds can be accessed through treeherder. Click on the green B of the respective platform, then on the bottom click Job Details. In the list of artifact uploads, click the archive for your platform: Linux uses target.tar.bz2, OSX uses target.dmg, Windows uses

Tips and Tricks

  • Pushing a try build with try-comm-central will always pick the latest m-c changeset.
  • A good example that should cover most cases is: ../mach try -b do -p macosx64,win64,linux64 -u all which will do debug and opt builds and run all tests on all three platforms. Mac and Linux are quicker to compile (20-30 minutes). Windows builds are longer (60 minutes) so omitting Windows can save some time. The tests take about 20 minutes.

Pushing mozilla-central patches

For TaskCluster builds, modify the .gecko_rev.yml and point GECKO_HEAD_REPOSITORY to and also modify GECKO_HEAD_REF to point to the changeset you previously pushed to M-C's try with mach try empty. You can also point to or to pick up latest changes on those repositories.

Known issues

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