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Quick Links For Us

Contacting Release Engineering

Our team is located on 3 continents and in 4 time zones. This allows us to provide better service, especially if you contact us using one of the following methods:

  • To request a new service, please file a bug
  • To ask a general question, ping in #releng on IRC, or email release@m.c
  • To request status on an existing request, set the "needinfo" flag in the bug.

Our team works normal business hours for our respective time zones. If you need to escalate an issue that is both urgent and important, use the following methods:

  1. Use #releng in IRC or email release@m.c, starting your message with 'URGENT:'. If no response in 15 minutes, then
  2. Be sure the bug severity is set to "blocker"
  3. Call one or more of the following people:

If you get voice mail, please leave your callback number.


Mozilla's Release Engineering:

Name Profile Twitter Blog
Aki Sasaki aki @escapewindow escape(window): blog
Armen Zambrano Gasparnian armenzg @armenzg Armen Zambrano's battlefield
Ben Hearsum bhearsum @bhearsum Ben's blog
Justin Wood Callek "Callek's Blog"
Chris Atlee catlee @chrisatlee chris' random ramblings: programming, photography, media, and anything else that strikes my fancy
Chris Cooper coop @ccooper Five Different Types of Fried Cheese
Hal Wine hwine @hwine I am the blog of Hal Fire, and I bring you……interesting tidbits of release engineering
Jordan Lund jlund
Kim Moir kmoir @kmoir Releng of the Nerds
Massimo Gervasini mgerva @gerva
Michael Shal mshal Mike Shal's blog
Nick Thomas nthomas @nthomasftang F'tang F'tang Release wrangling at the bottom of the world
Pete Moore pmoore Collected thoughts
Rail Aliiev rail @railaliiev Rail's blog
Simone Bruno simone





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