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Thunderbird Meeting Details :

Remember to use headphones and mute yourself when not talking

Feel free to ask questions in the meeting either by speaking up or by asking them in #maildev on IRC.

Other ways to get in touch with us can be found on our communications page

Meeting Changes


mconley, irving, rolandtanglao, JosiahOne (audio only), wsmwk, clokep (incoming audio only), aceman (audio only), mkmelin

Current status and discussions

Action items from last meetings

Action items from last meetings

  • (???) Standard8: Document flags to tb-planning
  • (???) Standard8: Follow up with metric numbers being public
    • This should be happening soon, work has been done, waiting for final approvals

  • (CLOSED) http.jsm update?
    • clokep needs to file a bug to get it included (see below)
    • atuljangra will be moving the FileLink backend to chat/ as part of GSoC, this will de-duplicate http.jsm

  • (2013-04-02) Investigating possibilities for dropping second ESR release channel whilst maintaining mainstream the same as the ESR releases.
  • (2013-04-02) Standard8: arrange for swag to be sent to WADA and Aryx who are our awesome FotT.
  • Community as a whole: Decide "who is supposed to plan our dances?"
  • rkent: Send a proposal to tb-planning

Critical Issues


Round Table

  • mconley
    • I've got two GSoC students assigned to me
      • Jon Demelo will be working on a connector for Ensemble - likely a CardDAV one.
      • Fallen will be working on making devtools work with Thunderbird.
      • I have a contributor (Sakshi Bansal) investigating some object comparison algorithms for me, because I feel like the one we've high-jacked and extended from Underscore.js isn't ideal. I have him looking at what Sync is doing.
    • Cleared a bunch of reviews last weekend, will clear more this week
    • Our tree is in bad shape, Mozmill-test wise. :/ (seems to be coming from m-c)
  • clokep
    • http.jsm:
      • This got more (less?) complicated, Instantbird has a GSoC student (Atul Jangra) to integrate FileLink.
      • Potentially could move FileLink under chat/ as it would then be shared code.
        • Decided in meeting that we WILL be doing this, it is simpler than moving http.jsm to toolkit.
    • Will be mentoring a student (Quentin Headen) to add Yahoo! Messenger support to the chat/ backend.
  • Roland
    • I am trying to test the McAfee update on Windows 8 using Thunderbird 17.0.6 (fixed in McAfee 12.1.338released today although they are throttled like firefox so uninstall and re-install to force an update if you don't want to wait!)

to force an upgrade to 12.1.33

    • Will make volunteers SUMOMO admins (vincent, wayne, matt) so they can have the fun of SuMoMo SPAM
  • mkmelin
    • have been cleaning up the [good first bug] bug list, and it seems to have gotten some traction. we should add that to more easy bugs. (Yes, true, I also am mentoring some GFBs - aceman)
  • wsmwk (late addition)
    • bugday for Thunderbird+calendar June 12

Question Time

  • aceman
    • Q: what is the current procedure in reviewing bugs in /mailnews (account manager) like bug 389139? In the past I got IanN and somebody from TB to review it (like mconley). But what to do today if nobody has the time or rights to do it? Is Neil's review enough for check-in? A: Yes
    • Q: What is opinion on removing debug code added by contributors that already left? I mean e.g. code in #ifdef DEBUG_bienvenu . My idea would be to keep the debugging code (where it seems useful) just change the name of the define. Call it after the functionality it is testing, e.g. DEBUG_ImapProtocol. A: Better leave it as is...

Action Items

  • Ping Standard8 about his action items