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Several communication channels are used in the Thunderbird project. (Thunderbird-team: Please add all channels here, so that we can point users here who want to get involved with the project.)

How to subscribe

Newsgroups are accessible through a newsgroup client (Thunderbird handles newsgroups). And all newsgroups are also available as google groups or as a mailing list. Forums list shows them all, and gives the relevant information to connect!

If you're a user



Knowledge Base and Manual

  • Find articles in our official Thunderbird Knowledge Base. This is an official but primarily volunteer-driven "knowledge base" where you can find quality articles about various Thunderbird topics.
  • MozillaZine: a community-maintained Knowledge Base with excellent articles about possibly more specific and/or technical topics.

YOU can help by getting involved


  • Twitter You might want to follow these people: Standard8, lhirlimann, bwinton, rtanglao


If you're an organization

Please visit our TB-enterprise page and you will find all necessary links, pages related to enterprises and organizations.

  • tb-enterprise mailing list is dedicated to people who want to deploy Thunderbird in a business environment, and the questions they might encounter.

If you're interested in the project

You can contribute

  • tb-planning A low-volume, high signal-to-noise-ratio mailing-list that's devoted to high-level Thunderbird topics.
  • tb-support-crew is a mailing list to share raw informal support information, hot support links (e.g. support threads, websites and knowledge bases) and "meta" issues related to helping support Thunderbird users on Get Satisfaction, MozillaZine, GeckoZone and wherever else online folks are supporting Thunderbird users. Subscribe or unsubscribe at

Mozilla and Thunderbird projects blogs

  • Planet Mozilla Might be worth a read.
  • Planet Thunderbird Thunderbird team's various blogs. Links to Thunderbird staff and contributor blogs can be found in the right sidebar of the home page if you want to avoid the planet "firehose"!

If you want to know more about the product currently under development

  • Mozilla Wiki This includes various general information about the Thunderbird project.
  • You might want to read the Thunderbird/StatusMeetings, they give weekly status reports about how various projects are moving.
  • We also have experiments, so don't forget to check out Thunderbird/Experiments
  • Our UI/UX team is posting regular updates with images on their tumblr.
  • Mark Banner (:Standard8) posts updates about branching and releases on his blog. You can also follow him on Twitter.

If you're a tester / want to help

Ludovic Hirlimann (:Usul) is in charge of Thunderbird QA. You can read his blog or follow him on twitter.

If you're a developer

  • Bugzilla is where all the stuff happens. If you're interested in some feature or some development, don't hesitate to CC yourself to the bug if you're interested, and please do check out this hilarious video tutorial about how Bugzilla works, it's really worth it.
  • Just for kicks, see what the Thunderbird team is up to using bwinton's reviewer-dashboard.