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BFTs on:

  • Windows XP [tomcat]

Spot check:

  • Mac
  • Ubuntu

Other testing:

  • Bug verifications (security and critical)

Testing Results

BFT/Smoketest Results

Smoketests for RC1

  • Windows Vista [abillings] - PASS
  • Windows XP [tomcat] - PASS
  • Mac [stephend/juanb] - PASS
  • Linux [ashughes] - PASS

Bugs Found during smoketesting:
Bug 392147: about: set as start page results in XML parsing error
Bug 392208: crash if start page set to chrome://pippki/content/editcacert.xul
Bug 392647: Clicking on textbox in dialog flash focus to checkboxes

Other Testing

Bug Verifications

When you verify the bug is fixed:

  • If you test on Trunk, resolve it as VERIFIED FIXED
  • If you test on branch, replace the fixed1.8.0.13 keyword with verified1.8.0.13.


  • If you don't see an easy way to verify or need further clarification add a comment to the bug or add "[needs testcase]" (without quotes) to the bug's Status Whiteboard.



Priority Verifications

  • Critical bugs ("fixed1.8.0.13"bugs, no "needs testcase" in status whiteboard, and severity is "critical")
    • critical bugs
      • Jay: Bugs 337750 to 375399
        • 337750 (applies to camino)
      • Juan: Bugs 375976 to 381167
        • 375976 (assertion, hard to verify)
      • Stephen: Bugs 381374 to 383406
        • Of these, I've verified the ones I can; I've asked for help verifying the assertion bug, since that only shows up in debug builds. The others I can't to display the same as in Firefox, so I didn't verify.
      • Al: Bugs 384344 to 387613
  • Security bugs ("fixed1.8.0.13" bugs, no "needs testcase" in status whitebooard, and is marked "security-sensitive")
    • security bugs
      • Jay: Bugs 326777 to 375399
      • Juan: Bugs 375976 to 380474
      • Stephen: Bugs 380476 to 381374
      • Al: Bugs 382444 to 385715

Note: If you run into a difficult bug, just add the "[needs testcase]" in the status whiteboard and move on.