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Download Checker

Shipped locale list for reference: (Note: the ko build is listed in this file but is not part of the Thunderbird release. It will be part of the stability release of Thunderbird 2).

  • Must be tested manually as bc's script does not work on Tbird 2
  • Check digital signatures on Windows Vista builds
  • Check embedded URL in Default Programs on Vista. There should be a link to as well as description of Thunderbird in the box. If you are testing a locale, the Thunderbird description should be localized.

Nick T (cf) performed a scripted test using shipped-locales at 3am 4/18/07 PDT All locale-platform combos were served correctly. Edit: Unfortunately this was a test directly to rather than through the website, so it missed Bug 377955

marcia results 4/18/07

Windows Vista

  • en-US-> PASS, checked that files were digitally signed
  • it - PASS, checked that files were digitally signed (In Default programs the Thunderbird description is also localized, which is cool.

PPC Mac (10.3.9)

  • bg-> PASS
  • nb-NO-> PASS, but has same issue as da with buttons cut off in composition preferences.

Intel Mac

Linux (Fedora Core)

  • en-GB->PASS
  • hu-> PASS
  • pt-PT-> PASS

Tomcats Results

  • en-US-> PASS, checked that files were digitally signed
  • de - PASS
  • Vista OS Integration Focus Test -> PASS Working fine wiht Thunderbird as Default Mailprogram

Aleksej's results 4/18/07

Linux (Debian Etch and Sarge)

  • ru
    • Everything seems to work fine, except that there were messages in the Error console
    • Spelling checker preferences: the shipped Russian dictionary is not selected by default, the listbox is a thin horizontal line until I choose the dictionary.
    • Minor localization bugs - will file bugs later
      • Account creation: a sentence translated a bit wrong, though understandable. - bug filed
      • The Go (Переход) menu: Следующее-Предыдущее - inconsistent capitalization of a subitem - bug filed
      • Address book panel: the hint in the empty search field doesn't fit. Will check it again later. - bug filed
      • Account Central: fine, but will suggest a translation change for "Read messages".
      • Preferences->Privacy->Anti-phishing: the sentence in the checkbox sounds a bit inconsistent, will think about it.
      • Order change may be needed in the sentence telling the user that they need a certificate to encrypt the message.
      • "This ... doesn't ... ..." -- forgot where and what it was, but it uses the wrong case (accusative instead of genitive). Probably will try to find that.

Updates from Betas

Since the bits we are shipping are the same as the RC1, folks should have already been updated to the RC. Here a few scenarios we can test:

  • (1) Download a final build and check for updates->you should get none
  • (2) Download a release candidate build->you should get no update since RC is the same build ID as the final

marcia's testing

  • Windows Vista - PASS
  • italian versione (20070326), the RC2 candidate build
  • Check for updates, no update found.
  • Mac PPC - PASS
  • en-US RC2 candidate build
  • Check for updates, no update found

Release Notes

  • Check to make sure the correct page is up when we go live->PASS - marcia