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Thunderbird:Blocking Flag Policy

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In recent months, triaging blocking-* and wanted-* bug lists has been eating up significant amounts of valuable time that we could be otherwise using to design, code, and test bug fixes, which would result in us shipping a better product for everyone. In order to reach that world, we are proposing to restrict the set of people with the ability to nominate bugs to folks who are exceedingly likely to keep up-to-date with exactly what the current (evolving) thinking is for which bugs are truly likely to be marked blocking+ or wanted+.

Generally speaking, we believe this includes most people in the following groups:

  • Thunderbird-drivers
  • Core developers.
  • Marketing.
  • Active QA community members.
  • Active Support community members.
  • People with commit access.

If you believe it makes sense for you to be in this group and you're not already, please email


  1. I'm not in this group, but I'm pretty sure a particular bug should be on the blocker+ or wanted+ list. What should I do?

    Find someone who is in the group, and convince them that it makes sense to nominate it on your behalf.

  2. Who's on the list?

    Initial list, mostly by IRC nickname