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If you have a useful query, please add it here or comment in the Discussion tab.

Use these queries

  • to find a bug that matches a problem you are seeing
  • to triage bugs **,
  • to find sets of bugs for Bugday,
  • as a tutorial or template to make and improve your own bug queries
  • to get a better understanding of landscape of Thunderbird problems

The queries listed here tend to focus on "problems", not enhancement requests.

** See Thunderbird bug triage for information about how to get bugs reports in better shape, so they are more likely to get fixed. Queries marked "(triage)" are great starting points for that purpose.

General Queries, General Info

Thunderbird bug reports are mostly in two bugzilla "products" Thunderbird and MailNews Core. These also provide links also list all their bugs by component (a subset of the product), and a button to "watch it", meaning you will get email when activity occurs in that area.

More related bugs can be found in products Calendar, Toolkit, and Core.

Function and UI based Queries

These queries use advanced query, typically accross multiple components, with multiple keywords. Most of these are great for picking bugs for triage.

Cross Product Queries

These bugs which span mozilla products may impact Thunderbird:

More Queries