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This is a partial list of Thunderbird dialogs. Some of these dialogs need to go, and others may need to stay. All of the dialogs need some discussion and examination to at least cut down on the number used.

Of course there isn't anything in particularly wrong with dialogs as a concept, however often they are over used and more distracting than they need to be.

Please upload and add other Thunderbird dialogs that need some discussion.

Save Message
Message has not been sent. Do you want to save the message in the Drafts folder? This dialog is presented when the user closes a message without sending it. related bugs
bug 321783 Message has not been sent. Do you want to save the message in the Drafts folder? Occurs when opening a window that hasn't been previously cached/recycled (e.g. first time open, or open more than one). Note this is a bug, whereas I believe the above line is for the dialog itself.
Send Message
Are you sure you are ready to send this message? This dialog is presented after the user has hit the key combo ctrl-enter in the compose dialog for sending the message. It is useful for preventing people from accidentally sending their message, but can we do better? related bugs
Failed to connect to $server This dialog is presented in several scenarios, most often when an item in an account is selected and the server or thunderbird is offline. related bugs: [1]
$server uses an invalid certificate Presented when connecting to an email server with an invalid security certificate. related bugs
bug 353205 request way to set default to no alternate text for inserting images
anything the IMAP server chooses to send Presented upon IMAP alerts; helpfully, at least one server uses these when storage quotas are close to being overrun and sends them for nearly any action (or none, via filters acting on incoming messages) performed. This makes a close-to-full email inbox nearly impossible to use without dismissing the dialog thousands of times, and spam makes the problem much worse. related bugs: bug 357284
Error saving to drafts This is not an actionable dialog. It is barely informative and thus completely useless to most people.

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