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Warning signWarning: Exchange support in Thunderbird is still under development i.e. pre-beta! For thrill seekers only i.e. folks who can backup and restore their Thunderbird data (email, contacts, etc) should there be issues with early support of Exchange. We strongly recommend using a test email account and not a production account.

Our initial implementation of Exchange is currently limited to mail - account setup, and writing, receiving and reading email. For advanced users who want to help test we’ve hidden the enabling option behind a Thunderbird preference which you will change using the Config Editor .

How to enable on Daily builds (preferred)

  • No action required! Exchange support is enabled by default starting with the July 11, 2024 build of version 130.
  • Add an Exchange account using the usual Thunderbird process.

How to enable Exchange on non-Daily builds

  • We prefer you test on Daily but Beta works too :-) !

To enable it, please follow these instructions:

  • Click ≡ > Settings > General
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click Config Editor....
  • The Advanced Preferences tab will open. Search for the string *experimental.mail.ews.enabled*
  • Click the Toggle icon, TB config editor togggle icon, on the right until True is displayed.
  • Restart Thunderbird.
  • Add an Exchange account using the usual Thunderbird process.

How to report and discuss issues

While we definitely welcome your testing and feedback, please keep in mind this feature is currently experimental, and you may run into unexpected behaviour or errors.

Only email is available and being discussed at this time. To report a problem, please file a bug report or comment in the beta topic.