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  • window layout options
  • displayed columns
  • the folder pane
  • toggling message preview
  • customizing toolbars

Changing Display Options

Use different Quote Level Colors

(the tip below has been taken from Thunderbird Tips & Tricks page)

This tip is very useful because it adds different colors of both the text and background of different quote levels in messages. This makes it much easier to follow a long discussion in newsgroups for example, where the level of reply quotes can go very deep.

Of course, you can customize the colors in the code below to your own liking. Add the following code to your userContent.css file:

/* Quote Levels Colors */
	blockquote[type=cite] {
	   color: navy !important; background-color: RGB(245,245,245) !important; 
	blockquote[type=cite] blockquote {
	   color: maroon !important; background-color: RGB(235,235,235) !important;
	blockquote[type=cite] blockquote blockquote {
	   color: green !important; background-color: RGB(225,225,225) !important;
	blockquote[type=cite] blockquote blockquote blockquote {
	   color: purple !important; background-color: RGB(215,215,215) !important;
	blockquote[type=cite] blockquote blockquote blockquote blockquote {
	   color: teal !important; background-color: RGB(205,205,205) !important;