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Filler content for now, will fill with some notes as to what's needed in a sec...

Writing and Sending E-mail

This menu reference describes how to write and send e-mail messages in Thunderbird.

In this section:
  • <a href="#view">View</a>
  • <a href="#message">Message</a>
  • <a href="#tools">Tools</a>

Writing an E-mail

Stuff to cover:

  • Opening the Compose window
  • Addresses
    • Choosing an account/identity from which to send the message
    • Recipients
      • Distinguish between the types (To, From, Bcc, CC, etc.)
        • perhaps just relegate to glossary entries?
  • Subject
  • Content
    • HTML vs. text/plain
  • Sending the E-mail
    • Send
    • Send Later
    • Save as Draft