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Localization dashboard

The localization dashboard gives localizers detailed information on the status of their locale. It is divided into the dashboard table on the lefthand side and the dashboard filters on righthand side.

Dashboard Table

  • Locale: The locale code for each locale
  • Tree: The tree ID, with a
    (Status: success),
    (Status: warning) or
    background (Status: failure) depending on the status of the build. The dashboard currently knows the following trees:
    • tb3x: Information on the status of the Thunderbird localizations
    • sunbird10x: Information on the status of the Sunbird/Lightning localizations
    • sea20x: Information on the status of the SeaMonkey localizations
    • fx30x: Information on the status of the Firefox 3.0 localizations
    • fx31x: Information on the status of the Firefox 3.1 localizations
    • incubator: Information on the status of the localizations in the Firefox l10n incubator
  •  %: Percentage of completion of a locale (Note: This will never reach 100%, because there are some strings in each localization which shouldn't be translated)
  • Errors: Number of localization errors
  • Missing: Number of missing strings
  • Unchanged: Number of unchanged strings excluding access- and commandkeys
  • Web bugs: Only relevant for Firefox localizations
  • Stats: Graphical history of locale status (H) and compare-locales output (C)
  • Status: Graphical indicator for the current state of the localization

Filter section

Filter options in the dashboard UI

  • Result: Filters the locales after their current status. The following status are available:
    • Success: No open issues for the listed locales. All strings are translated, no obsolete strings or files exist
    • Warning: All necessary strings are translated, but open issues (like obsolete strings or files) remain
    • Failure: The listed locales have either not yet translated all necessary strings or have have localization errors or both
  • Tier: Filters the tier(s), which you want displayed
  • Tree: Filters the application(s), which you want displayed
  • Locale: Filters the localization(s), which you want displayed
  • Web bugs: Only relevant for Firefox localizations
  • Shipped in: Only relevant for Firefox localizations

Filter options in URLs

You can also directly activate the filters mentioned above, by adding them to the dashboard URL. This is extremely handy for bookmarks.

The scheme is always the same:

where "filter" is one of the filters mentioned in the section above and "filter-result" is the expected outcome of that filter.


It is also possible to filter out two or more options in the URL.