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Test Day April 09, 2009


Protect your data and consider using a test profile to avoid potential dataloss.

Focus and Testing

Due to a few technical issues the features that were to be tested today are not available for testing. Instead we would like to work on 133 bugs where the development team as asked for help.

So what do you need to do ?

  1. Grab a recent nighlty of thunderbird
  2. peek at the list of bugs
  3. choose one bug - try to be random so that everybody does not end up working on the same bug
  4. read the bug - and try to reproduce it - find an easy and straight forward way to reproduce the issue ( like set xxx to yyy, then do a,b,c and the bug is reproduced)
    1. add a comment on the bug telling how you reproduced
    2. adding the comment I can't reproduce is also valuable
    3. remove the qawnted keyword on bug with UNCO state unless you feel the issue is serious.
    4. Don't heistate to use the whiteboard to pinpoint things that you think are important on those bugs

Need to discuss the bug

Please join us on :

Help and Tips

Ask for help on IRC in #thunderbird if you need assistance. See the Testdays page for information about IRC and other test day information.

Other ways you can help

See Getting Involved and Thunderbird:Testing for other ways you can help with Thunderbird. See Thunderbird:Home for information about the future of Thunderbird.


Thank you helping today. We appreciate you taking the time to participate in the open source development process, and for helping to improve Thunderbird