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Test Day April 1st, 2010


Help shape Thunderbird 3.1 for people upgrading from 2.x

1 Backup Your profile

  1. close Thunderbird
  2. locate your profile
  3. Copy your profile to your desktop

2 Install Lanikai 3.1b2

The version of Thunderbird Below is Alpha/beta quality - we wouldn't recommended it's use if you depend on email for work.

  1. Download lanikai 3.1b2 :
    1. Windows
    2. mac
    3. Linux
  2. launch the installer on windows, Copy the file on Mac, Untar/gzip on linux.
  3. Then launch the program called Lanikai (that's how we call the 3.1b2 version)
  4. use it for a few minutes:
    • make sure that you still can view all your folders
    • Check that you still can get mail
    • Check that you still can send mail
    • Check that your filters are still working
  5. Install our new search add-on.

3 Give Feedback

To give feedback we are going to use the GetSatisfaction service, you might want to create an account there before writing your feedback.

Once you've given us some feedback, you can go back to using version - and get all your extensions back. Or stick with the new version and update it to the official 3.1b2 when it get's released !

If you choose the second option, we would be delighted to get more feedback, so don't hesitate to tell us things using getsatisfaction.

Getting Help

You can ask help during the event here (this link will make you join #tb-qa on irc where most of us are available to provide help). Sometimes we are slow to answer - so wait a bit before leaving the chat. Starting a sentence with a name helps that name get attention. _Tsk_ Should be online most of the time so don't hesitate to ping him.

Had fun ? Want to do more

You had fun doing this with us ? You can do way more and can participate more into making thunderbird a great product