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Test Day June 14th, 2012

Thunderbird Beta 14 test day

How to participate

  • Install Thunderbird Beta
  • Create a litmus account if you don't have one - go over to for that.
  • Run tests - particularly first install ones on both English or localized builds (ie you can choose your language on the download page).
    • Don't know which test to run ? come on irc (see below) and ask Usul.
    • Don't want to ask ? The test run is here.

File bugs in bugzilla for any thing that doesn't seems right.

Things to know

We do not recommend that you use a production profile for these tests (ie the place with your day to day settings and emails), if you do - please make sure to back up the existing profile before starting the tests. Creating a test profile is documented here.

If you need any help just join us on in #tb-qa (just click on this link) - and be a bit patient before we answer we don't monitor the channel every second nor minute.