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Bug Day June 12 th , 2013

How to get help, how to get started, and schedule for Bugdays.

Bug days are conducted to help move bugs toward getting fixed, and to close bug reports which cannot be reproduced, by testing the user's report and by helping users improve the quality of their bug report. In more fun terms what we do is swat, squash, pound, massage, and stomp bugs into submission.


Broadly, today's goal is to improve Thunderbird 24, by helping users who are willing to test and report bugs. Today's primary focus is to triage unresolved bugs reported after 2012-08-01 (roughly when Thunderbird 17 development process started in earnest), including (if you use Lightning) bugs reported for the Lightning:

@ to sort, click on column headings such as component name

Check the tips below for help about what to do when checking a bug report. Also, to test whether a bug reproduces you will want to use a Thunderbird build more current than version 17. In which case backup your profile and take other prudent precautions before testing, then install one of the following versions:

Beyond the bugs cited above:

Thanks for your help!

p.s If you have a non-bug question about using Thunderbird, please consult support website or support forum, or ask in #thunderbird.


Don't be concerned if you don't understand everything, just ask for help.

Check the general Bugdays information, especially the what to do with the bugs.

If you need help, or to offer help, or to just friendly chat with fellow volunteers, go to in #tb-qa IRC channel

Searching in bugzilla can be tricky. Quick search tricks might help. Again, please ask on IRC if you still need help.


For this bugday, the times of the sessions, accounting for 30mins [1] of grace period before and after each session, were as follows:


Many thanks to volunteers and developers (total 0 - 5) who turned up for this bug day, and others that I may have possibly missed.


  • Spreadsheet of bugday results is compiled and updated after each session / bugday.
  • The letter Q stands for the query with all the appropriate criteria, which over time may differ from the results that have been logged.
  • [1] Session and period time includes 30mins before and after the official time period, so as to include early and late/spill over activity.
  • [2] A resolution change may be non-terminal, for example a bug may have been reopened.