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Thunderbird and Summer of Code 2006

Team Thunderbird, and the Mozilla Foundation, are looking to mentor contributors as part of the Google Summer of Code 2006 program.

This is a great chance for folks to get involved in the Mozilla open source project, contributing to a product used by millions of people every day!

Team Thunderbird Proposals

Here are some proposals Team Thunderbird has assembled for projects we thought would make interesting summer projects. Feel free to propose your own or sign up for one of these.

  • SPAM Detection --> Help improve Thunderbird's bayesian spam filter.
  • Integrate Thunderbird with Spotlight for easy searching on Mac OS X.
  • Develop an extension to leverage Google Desktop Search for e-mail body searches.
  • Sync with Pocket PC or general plugin-able sync Talk:Thunderbird:2.0 Product Planning#General Plug-In able syncronization system
  • Backup and restore Thunderbird profiles
  • A task manager or to do list extension for Thunderbird.
  • Develop a set of js libraries that do common things TB extension writers often want to do, like iterate over accounts, folders in accounts, msgs in folders, stream messages, parse messages, etc. Extension writers could either just use the libraries, or learn from them as sample code. Other common tasks might include: getting notified of newly downloaded messages and stream them to parse them, intercepting outgoing messages to perform custom actions on them, etc. (Some of these may require extending the core code to enable the functionality required)
  • Support maildir as an alternative to the berkeley mailbox format we use today. See bug 58308.
  • Roaming profile support - Add ability to store config + data files on a server and retrieve them at startup. These config files would include things like newsrc files, rss subscription files, mail filters, mail views, saved searches, address books, etc. The server could be imap/http/ldap.
  • Add capability to update ldap address books - add/delete/edit ldap entries. See bug 124897.