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dmose is maintaining this page as a scratchpad for critical feature work that needs to make 3.1. This is known to be cryptic and unclear; interpret at your own risk.  :-)

  • migration assistent: bug 545563
    • autosync (first, bwinton infrastructure)
      • needs size info (bienvenu)
    • compact header
      • depends on std8 XPI install fixes
    • folder pane columns
      • same
  • rename smart folders to unified folders: bug 545217
  • change smart folder default setting for everyone (clarkbw: targeted at this week) bug 545221
  • quick search/global search UX split (asuth/clarkbw: pieces to start now, kick into high gear next week) bug 545955
    • clarkbw to draft design message asking for feedback
  • message hdr more link work: (benb attacking now, will give status later this week, possible handoff depending on time constraints) bug 534722,bug 517611
  • async perf (asuth: targeted to kick into high gear as quick search work ramps down)