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  1. Proposed String freeze date: 2008-11-14
  2. Code Freeze date: 2008-11-18

Major new features we plan to land in Beta 1

  • Gloda (asuth)
  • Non-RDF folder pane (bienvenu, jminta, jcranmer)
  • threaded cross-folder views (bienvenu)
  • Smart Folders (bienvenu - looking iffy)
  • Autoconfig (davida, needs a new owner)

Other big changes

  • Toolkit autocomplete (Standard8)
  • Use new password manager (Standard8)

Intermediate milestone

By Oct 31, we plan to have landed these large items:

  • Gloda - preffed on by default (review in process - will land preffed off 11/4)
  • Non-RDF folder pane (in review)
  • Threaded cross-folder views (landed)
  • Autoconfig accessible from a menu item (need to fix smtp server picker and start review)