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UX Priorities and Goals for TB 31

Any priorities or goals shown in this section either have been derived from either:

* Thunderbird's developers for benefit of their users
* Users bug reports
* User comments on IRC/networking channel

The goal is to land as many of these as possible by TB 31 or earlier, and keep track of such things here.

Want something added?

Then add the "[ux-feature-wanted-31]" to the whiteboard in a bug.

UX Bugs

Tabs lack enough visual feedback when being opened or closed

Thunderbird consistency with Australis aka "AustralisBird"

Meta Bug: Bug 942005

UX Features

Thunderbird needs a "white on black" default theme

Users have requested many times the ability to switch Thunderbird to a "white on black" theme, something we should investigate. This is especially benefical for increasing accesibility for users who require more contrast.

Compose Window UI could be more visually pleasing